Music Therapy: Heal Your Body with Music

Music Therapy: Heal Your Body with Music


Do you know that listening to good music is a good way to soothe stress in the body and take away worries in the mind?

As parents, we are subjected to a wide range of emotions, most of which could be anger and depression. How can you get out of the pit of these feelings while you are at home, doing chores or in the office, working to make ends meet? The answer is actually simple. Turn the radio on and tune in to a station playing your genre of music or play CDs.

Researches show that music has an effect on a person’s mood and overall emotional status. If you are consumed with anger or irritation, classical music is said to be particularly helpful to rid you of these negative emotions. If you can get your hands on songs you were familiar with during your childhood, that could help you focus on your memories rather than your anger. You can also listen to all time favorite musicals like My Fair Lady, The Sound of Music, Mary Poppins, or to soundtracks or your favorite movies. The key is to let your mind wander away from your present emotional state. It may not be the lyrics that can lift your mood, but simply the melody of the song can bring about a change in you state. This is why music is called the universal language of man.

You can share this kind of therapy to your children. This will help them have a mechanism to cope with problems or get over a particularly painful experience. Thus, they will not have to resort to cigarette, drugs, or alcohol as their crutches to problems. This will also teach them the valuable lesson that one does not need destructive ways to help him cope with problems.

According to psychologists, you can actually listen to sad songs while initially getting pain and heartaches. Such exercise will make you realize that this kind of emotion you are feeling is not peculiar to you but is a universal theme experienced by people at one point or the other. After wallowing in such tracks for a couple of weeks, you will have to gradually switch to light music to finish off the healing process.

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